For years Claudia Frantzen (* 1964) has been traveling the world, both occupationally as a manager in an international enterprise based in Cologne and privately out of curiosity and passion.
Besides all professionalism of her traveling she retained a large passion for the moment impression of a lighting effect, for the specific of the colors of a landscape or the tension in a city silhouette.

These impressions are not noticed by her en passant but rather she takes a short break for spiritual refueling and guards them for the time at the easel. Comparably with diary entries or photo albums that are not only created for oneself but also for a public, her pictures clarify a desire to share her experiences and moods (morales) with others.

The paintings cover a broad range of expressiveness of the color:
from the more tender, almost reserved noblesse in pastel colors to the eruptive, urging red tones of images in the evening light.
The artist prefers acryl, but additonally experiments with oilchalks and sand and works with brushes and broad palette knives.

Claudia Frantzen lives in Cologne and Guetersloh and has been painting intensively for only a few years, but certainly with such deciveness, that soon her own studio became absolutely necessary. She converts her impressions without an academic study and without personal inspiring examples but certainly remains through museum and gallery attendances in interested examination with the past and current styles and trends of the visual arts.

Claudia Frantz took painting instructions by the Cologne artist Lioba Genske. In April 2005 her very successful exhibition debut with the title found "colored diary sheets" in the context of the exhibition sequence "art in the chambers" took place with the lawyers & tax accountants Hoevels, Steves, Hansen, Noack, Pitz, von Bayer in Krebs Lane (?), Cologne.

Besides Claudia Frantzen exchanges herself with friendly painters, like Barbara Maria Schoog, with whom she arranged an Benefiz exhibition in favor of the "white ring" in October 2005 in the Hilton hotel, Cologne.